The Cure’s drummer, Jason Cooper is riding in a bike charity to honour Paul ‘Ricky’ Welton

The Cure’s drummer is taking part in a charity bike ride to honour Paul ‘Ricky’ Welton, a long-time crew member, riding 54 miles from London to Brighton.

Jason Cooper, drummer in The Cure will be cycling from London to Brighton later this month to raise money for The British Heart Foundation in memory of Paul ‘Ricky’ Welton.  The British Heart Foundation’s London To Brighton Bike Ride will begin at London’s Clapham Common on June 19 and, 54 miles later, will finish on the Brighton seafront.

On tour with The Cure in 2019, the much-loved Welton suffered a major heart attack, which resulted in his passing away a few days later in hospital.  As a long-time and deeply valued crew member, his death was felt keenly by many in the industry that knew him. Lead singer, Robert Smith, addressed the crowd before closing their show at Rock en Seine on the night that Welton passed, saying “We have time for one last song. This is for Ricky. It’s called Boys Don’t Cry”.

Jason Cooper, The Cure
Credit: SUE

Appearing on ‘BBC Radio 5 Live’, Cooper said: “I’m riding the London To Brighton Bike Ride for the British Heart Foundation in memory of my dear departed drum technician [Ricky] who died of a heart attack.

“We shared lots of moments, he was just wonderful to have on stage and I could always depend on him. Ricky is dearly missed.

“The BHF hopes to raise £2.8 million from the event, which will see 14,000 riders taking part. They spend millions of pounds to fund lifesaving research and it is such a worthy cause.”

The British Heart Foundation donations for Jason Cooper’s bike ride can be made here.