Jacinda and Albo’s dinner date last night at Kirribilli House

NZ PM, Jacinda Ardern joined “old mate” Albo at Kirribilli House for dinner, ahead of formal meetings which kick off today.

After landing in Sydney last night, New Zealand PM, Jacinda Ardern, made a beeline toward Kirribilli House for a dinner date with Aussie PM, Albo. Shortly before her arrival, Albo Tweeted, “I’m looking forward to catching up over dinner.”

Ooh la la!

Albo and Jacinda
Credit: @AlboMP Twitter

As it turns out, our two favourite PMs are hella chummy. Albo revealed earlier this week, “she’s been a friend of mine for some time…I look forward to catching up with her informally on Thursday night, and then for us to have a meeting on Friday.”

Being the first foreign leader to visit our newly-elected PM on Aussie shores, Jacinda told NZ press that she sees the meeting as “an opportunity for new conversations to be had on aspects of the bilateral relationship that have been difficult for a number of years” between the two countries.

As official meetings kick off today, the two leaders have shared a few of the key topics that are on their agendas, including climate change, migration policies, and launching the next phase of the crucial trans-Tasman connection.

Jacinda Ardern has told the press, “I can already say I have that relationship with the new Prime Minister and for me that will serve NZ well.”