Jess Macc serves up a red-hot anthem on her new single ‘Hater’

On her latest single, Jess Macc readjusts the pace, unhinges the bass, and leaves you feeling completely empowered.

Jess Macc’s latest release isn’t a single to be taken lightly. From the moment it erupts with soulful choruses and super-charged riffs, Hater is an anthem of defiance.

If her debut single taught audiences anything, it’s that Macc isn’t one to mince her words. Hater is just that but drenched in experimental hues, a sultry bassline, and a gallon of attitude-rich sonic that will leave you pressing repeat all week.

jess macc

Opening with a swell of iron sonic, the pulsing blend of bass, riffs, and Macc’s fierce vocals create ballad that exists as a living, breathing entity: focusing her lyricism and sonic sensitivity with every beat. The track is rich, acidic, and bursting with a fiery passion that reflects the singer’s distinct artistry.

Hater isn’t so much a song as it is a revolving soundscape of iron-clad symbolism and dynamic beats that leave you feeling utterly empowered. It’s what Macc does best.


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“Hater is a tune with a warped moodscape, featuring gritty overtones and ranting allusions whilst somehow pulling off a self-assured cool evincing a smirk,” the singer’s bio reads. “The style of music is closely related to what’s known in the biz as ‘Swagger’, which is more frequently heard in soundtracks. It’s loaded with distorted tones, heavy swings, vocals drenched in attitude, sexy guitar licks and a larger-than-life, kick-snare-drum-kit-driven beat.”

Punching through with a chorus and confidence that hooks you from the beginning, Hater just shows that Jess Macc is one to keep your radar.

Check out the track below: