Joni Mitchell to reissue closely guarded 1971 book to the public

This October fans of esteemed folk singer-songwriter and poet Joni Mitchell can expect something magical. The visionary, famed for her honest and unfiltered words, is reissuing her limited run handmade book for your reading pleasure.

In 1971, Mitchell handmade 100 copies of her book Morning Glory on the Vine for her closest friends, each containing unique notes. The original book contained an intimate collection of lyrics, poems and watercolour paintings, just as exquisite now as it was then.

Joni Mitchell morning glory on the vine book
Photo via Facebook

Joni Mitchell fans are waiting in eager anticipation for her 1971 handmade book to become publicly available this October.

Fans will be able to peer into Mitchell’s mind circa 1991, just as it was when she shared these thoughts with her friends. The book will reissued for public consumption on October 22.

Morning Glory on the Vine: Early Songs and Drawings will feature handwritten lyrics of major hits and watercolours depicting landscapes, life, abstraction and Mitchell and her friends, alongside some newer paintings and a fresh introduction from the artist herself.

If you’re excited to peek through this window into Joni Mitchell’s life, you can pre-order a copy here.