The JV-1 from Joyst is a video game-inspired MIDI controller

The JV-1 borrows from gaming to achieve the seemingly impossible: a completely new way to approach to MIDI control. 

Joyst has adopted video game joysticks — that are more likely to be found on your favourite controller — to create a completely novel approach to controlling MIDI signal. As is the typical route for innovative tech, it will be launching a Kickstarter campaign early next month.

The JV-1 has 39 individual joysticks, with an octave shift enabling it can cover 4 octaves in total. Each joystick functions as a note when pulled. If the stick is rotated then the pitch is bent and if it is wobbled, vibrato is imparted on the note. 

Joyst JV-1

An inherent aspect of joysticks is their sensitivity, meaning they are highly responsive when played in games, or in this case, music.  The inventor of the Joyst JV-1, Phillip Snell, says that joystick allows an unexpected level of expression through its intuitive pitch-bending applications. And while the interface looks somewhat intimidating, the demo videos show that it’s surprisingly user-friendly.

The JV-1 might have a particular appeal with gamers who are particularly au fait with the joystick, who for musicians who are looking have more granular control over pitch and expression. 

The JV-1 Kickstarter campaign begins on October 6. To find out more go to the Joyst website.