Juniper Vale and Jason Gray join forces for the crushing duet ‘Something True’

The latest single from Juniper Vale Something True is a masterclass in piercing emotive balladry, colourful piano, and vocal dexterity.

If Juniper Vale hasn’t graced your ears yet, you’re in for a huge treat. Classically trained opera singer, banjo player, and electronic music lover Sarah Jane has been crafting gorgeous indie tunes under the moniker Juniper Vale since 2016. Her music has resonated globally, scoring over 30 million streams online.

She’s teamed up with singer-songwriter Jason Gray for one of the most powerful duets of the year for her latest offering. Prepare yourself.

Juniper Vale

Something True was crafted at the historic Music Row in Nashville. The two musos spent the afternoon co-writing, then partnering with Vian Izak (Sarah’s husband) for production duties and Camille Faulkner (Julien Baker) for the live strings on the track. Talk about a dream team! Together, the group penned the song to be an“antidote to loneliness and anxiety,” which feels especially relevant considering the world’s current unpredictable state.


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Something True opens with some delicate piano, inspired by the stripped-back trend that shaped the ’60s. Jane’s tender and refined vocals enter the mix, singing a touching tale of heartbreak. “It feels like home, where I belong, breaking my heart with you”. Her vocal control is astounding, and the melody feels incredibly natural as well. Next up is Gray, injecting the second verse with visual imagery and his signature vulnerable writing style: “The sky must break for the rain to fall”.  As the two harmonise, you’ll definitely find yourself in an emotional place.

Then, the soothing duo becomes something much bigger…

A breakdown of epic proportions ensues, increasing the intensity of the track tenfold. Their angelic voices collide to the backing of drums, triumphant strings, bass. It’s a goosebump-inducing climax that words can’t really do justice; you’ll have to listen to it yourself.

Tune into Something True below: