JURAN puts together a playlist for the glorious and empowered

Coming from her glistening release, Wish U Well, Juran pours through the music made by self-made, empowered women.

The infatuating artist from New Zealand, Juran, offers a collection of tunes that empower as deeply as their rhythm.

Juran’s sound, as smooth and soulful as the tracks she puts forward, also deeply inspires themes of power and independence. Check out Juran’s playlist for the dreamy and sensual.


Bussdown – Jorja Smith ft Shaybo

This track sets the vibe for the playlist with it’s honey-smooth vocals and laid back feel with a simple afrobeat baseline/reggae undertone. What I love about this song is not only the beat that makes you feel like a bad bitch, it also talks about having pride in being a self made WOMAN.

Thong Song – Amber Mark

Amber Mark has made a cover of – you guessed it – Sisqo’s song; Thong Song. While I’m not ever for songs by men objectifying women just because, I LOVE IT when we women take the wheel and make it ours, and this song is so much more sexier than ol’ mate and his obsession for bums in thongs. I mean we’re all obsessed right, don’t make it obvious! But this shit is powerful when we take control.

Good Days – SZA

Mmmmm I love me some SZA any time, but this song hits different – no pun intended. I could cry listening to it because it applies so much to me personally, and I reckon to many women. We give so much of ourselves and find ourselves heavy in our own “empty mind shit”. I personally – like many – have depression and I do have thoughts that maybe I have wasted time. But just like SZA says, “remember the good days”.

While We’re Young – Jhene Aiko

This song just puts me in a dreamy state, it’s so chill, so mellow, but the lyrics are just so good. Though it’s not about being a powerful woman, the vocals are so divine with Jhene’s silky feminine voice. It’s so pretty and so sweet, and boss at the same time.

I Like You – Stevie Jean

This song is from Stevie’s first EP, Blame Game, and is still my favourite. She knows just how to use her voice to make your toes curl, it is so sultry and seductive and I feel kind of like I am under a spell!

Home Sweet Home – Hana Rose

My girl Hana has delivered this sensual R&B track with the most stunning vocals giving me the most dreamy feels. This song is always stuck in my head too and I’m not complaining.

Georgia’s Track – Tiana Khasi

I love Tiana’s voice so much and this track in particular gets me because the attitude is a strong component, she gives me major Badu, feels -making me wonder who the fuck Georgia is and why this guy thinks he can just walk all over us with his lying ass….

Lost You – Snoh Aalegra

One of my favourite writers and she has influenced a lot of my latest writing. This track has a beautiful 80’s feel and like many of Snoh’s songs she takes us on a beautiful journey about love, were always falling for her.

Overload – Zinnia

Love this afrobeats song. Its such a happy song, gives me feelings of gratitude and love, which I know I need to practise more of – you do that anyway with this one. “I wanna do better, and I’m grateful” – we as women keep growing, keep trying, keep working. Its in our DNA.

Do To Me – H.E.R

I love reggae, and afrobeats music if you haven’t already caught on. H.E.R is such a talented musician and this song shows her talent is a different genre to what were used to hearing her. Roots so deep it grounds me! I can’t help but sway.

Good Thing – Kehlani

Yesssss! Again, I love a woman singing about her power and having control. It just fills me with so much joy and gives me strength. Kehlani sings; “I already got a good thing with me, I already got everything I need/The best things in life are already mine” – I love that. I think that the way the world is changing we are seeing a lot more women taking control and the way it was intended. It hypes me up.

Check out Juran’s full playlist – with some additional added gems – on her she/her. playlist below: