Kanye West responds to son seeing Kim Kardashian’s sex tape

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s son Saint West was sent an ad for ‘unreleased footage’ of Kim’s sex tape while gaming.

After recent rumours of a second sex tape involving Kim Kardashian, the original tape is back in the limelight and unfortunately that meant having the son Kim shares with Kanye, Saint West find out all about it.

In the premier episode of Kim’s new Hulu series The Kardashians, her son showed her a joke he was sent about ‘unreleased footage’ of her sex tape.

Kim talks to Kanye on phone
Credit: Youtube_E

Kim was seen quickly calling her ex-husband Kanye in tears.

Kim addressed the matter, saying: “Had my son been a little bit older and been able to read, I would have been mortified. I died inside.”

Kim was also seen on the phone to her lawyer Mart Singer where she told him: “Over my dead body is this happening again.

“I know the right attorneys this time and I’m not going to let this happen to me again. I have all the time, all the money and all of the resources to burn them all the f**king ground.”

While on the phone to Kanye, Kim told him exactly what happened: “Saint was on Roblox yesterday, and a f**king thing popped up and he started laughing.

“It was a picture of my cry face and it was a game someone made on Roblox. I almost died when Saint thought it was funny. Thank God he can’t read yet.”

“Over my dead body is this shit going to happen to me again,” Kim went on, “I just want it gone. This is not going to fuck with me. I just want it gone.”

Although I’m not sure this is what Kim was worried about, it seemed to calm her down when Kanye said: “‘Listen, you have the power, nothing will cancel you’”.

“’Stop worrying about the public perception, you know who you are’.”

I’d love to see Kanye handle the matter through his own platform but the artist is still banned from Instagram so it seems like we’ll have to wait.