Gen Z are bringing a bit of pizzazz to office emails and we are here for it

Gen Z are bringing a bit of pizzazz to office emails and we’re here for it

A TikTok video of Gen Z office email sign-offs has gone viral, and they’re are as hilarious as you can imagine.

From creating the spiciest of memes, to leaving thirsty comments on Putin’s Instagram to stop a war, Gen Z are simply built differently.

That fact has been proven once again after TikTok user @foxandrobin posted a video to the platform, giving an insight into some of the chaotic emails he has received while working in an office of Gen Zers.

Credit: TikTok/Fox and Robin

The emails, and especially their sign offs, are exactly what you’d expect from Gen Z. Full of corporate hate and self loathing, the office communication at the company looks genuinely refreshing.

Ever received an email signed off with “Hasta la pasta :-)”? Or worked alongside someone who’s signature reads “Don’t cross me”? Well, the founders at Fox and Robin have seen them all.

Others are more sassy, hitting their boss with “Talk soon loser,” or a simple “Hate you,” but our favourite is “Whoever invented corporate America needs to be punished.”

@foxandrobin It’s a Gen Z world, I’m just their millennial boss #genz #millenialboss #millenialsoftiktok #startup ♬ Borderline – Tame Impala

Brb, about to try a few of these bad boys out.