Gen Z are trying to stop a war by flirting with Vladimir Putin on Instagram

Gen Z have taken it upon themselves to prevent World War 3 by leaving flirty comments under Vladimir Putin’s recent Instagram posts.

If you’re wondering why Vladimir Putin’s Instagram comments look like they’ve been taken over by horny bot accounts, it’s because Gen Z are trying to stop a war by posting thirsty comments on the Russian President’s latest photos.

Of course, the tensions between Russia and Ukraine are no laughing matter, but it seems that joking about Putin’s looming threat of war is the world’s way of dealing with the situation.

Vladimir Putin
Image via CNN

If you head to the Russian President’s official Instagram account, you’ll find more than 30,000 comments thirsting for ‘Vladdy Daddy’ in a bid to prevent Russia from invading Ukraine.

Some of the highlights include, “vladdy daddy please cancel the war bc i haven’t tired c0c41ne yet,” or the more urgent “ZADDY CANCEL THE WAR.. I WILL GIVE YOU FEET PICS..,” while some offered up alternatives to a Ukrainian invasion, “Let’s use words instead, babe.”

Another person joked, “hes gonna start a war bc of these comments.”

TikTok user @earthlyfolk put together a handy little video that’ll give you the gist of the war-preventing, Insta flirting.


@earthlyfolk The vladdy daddy comments have me 💀. #russia #ukraine #vladdydaddy #vladimir #vladdy #plsnowar ♬ Rasputin (Single Version) – Boney M.

We highly doubt Vladdy Daddy ever looks at his Instagram page, but if he does, we hope he takes a breather from invading neighbouring countries to model in a few more shirtless horseback pics.