Anti-Defamation Commission is pushing to ban Kanye West from entering Australia

Kanye West’s unique and controversial, outspoken political views have not gone unnoticed by Australia’s anti-defamation commission, which is intent on seeing that the rapper is banned from entering the country.

As reports surface that Kanye West is planning a trip to Australia with his new wife Bianca Censori, an Australian civil rights organization is calling on authorities to deny the rapper entry.

According to the Herald Sun, Kanye West will be heading to Melbourne’s eastern suburbs to meet Bianca’s parents, unless the Jewish-Australian community behind The Anti-Defamation Commission has their way.

Dr. Dvir Abramovich, who heads the commission is rallying against the rapper, issuing a statement condemning West’s “threats against the Jewish community and [his promotion of] conspiracy myths about Jewish power, greed, and control.”

Credit: Ashley Landis / Associated Press; LinkedIn/ Bianca Censori

Abramovich also referred to West as a “blatant, unvarnished antisemite, Nazi-lover and Hitler worshipper” and expressed concern about the potential consequences of the rapper’s “dangerous” rhetoric given his large following.

He is urging the Minister of Home Affairs to use his powers under the Migration Act to refuse West entry to the country, which throws us to a flashback of when Chris Brown, Tyler, The Creator and Snoop Dog were denied entry.

West’s Twitter account was suspended in late 2020, following a dispute with Twitter CEO Elon Musk, after the rapper made anti-Semitic statements during an interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on InfoWars. He had previously praised Adolf Hitler and attacked the Jewish community while wearing a black hood during his appearance on the show.