Mac DeMarco thinks TikTok’s influence on music is “very depressing”

Mac DeMarco has commented on TikTok’s effects on the modern music industry, calling it “very depressing”.

In a new interview with Variety, Mac DeMarco was asked if he was glad to have established his career before the era of TikTok, where labels now push artists to cater their music and online presence to the platform.

The indie legend explained that he finds it strange and depressing that some artists and labels have felt the need to engineer their music for TikTok success.

It’s very depressing. I think that that’s the problem is artists have slipped into this role of like, ‘Well, I do need those things.’ You don’t… but if you want to make money I guess you do.” DeMarco told Variety.

Mac Demarco New Album
Credit: Aaron Sinclair

A lot of my songs actually do quite well on TikTok, but I never had to think about, [mocking voice] ‘Well this should sound pretty good sped up!’ At the same time…

The interview comes after the release of DeMarco’s fifth studio album Five Easy Hot Dogs, a collection of instrumental recordings made by the artist whilst on a road trip.

DeMarco’s recording excursion started out in California and took him around North America before wrapping up in Utah, where the singer-songwriter had booked an oversized cabin.

Five Easy Hot Dogs is out now (CD/digital) and May 12th (vinyl) on Mac’s Record Label