Kanye West declares IRS froze his accounts due to $50M tax debt

Kanye West declares the IRS has frozen four of his bank accounts, due to him owing the government $50 million in taxes.

During an interview with Tim Pool on Monday (November 28), Kanye West declared the Internal Revenue Service has placed a hold on four of his bank accounts, because he owes the federal government a whopping $50 million in taxes.

The Bound 2 hitmaker, who has legally changed his name to ‘Ye’, appeared on Pool’s podcast to promote his presidential campaign for 2024, and revealed that his “finance people” informed him that he has “to pay a lot of taxes.”

Credit: Roy Rochlin / Getty Images

He continued, “I’m talking about literally finding out that they were trying to put me in prison this morning. But I found out — okay, so they froze, they put a $75 million hold on four of my accounts. And then they said, ‘You owe a lot of taxes.’ Took me like six hours to find out how much ‘a lot’ was…well, it was around $50 million.”

Kanye West also went on to declare that he is “obviously not the most financially literate person on the planet,” and asked “different CFOs” whether or not he is evading taxes. He added, “so now I’m having — I get to actually learn how to run a company. I get to learn how to, you know, to count, really…It’s like I didn’t even know where to put the money.”