The Rock sells chocolate bars at the 7-11 he once shoplifted from

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has revisited the 7-11 store he used to steal from to “right the wrongs” of his teenage shoplifting sprees.

The former WWE star took to Instagram to share the news of his mission, recalling the period in which he would steal Snickers chocolate bars as a pre-workout snack every day for a year.

14-years old at the time, The Rock explained that he was “broke as hell”, and that his shoplifting “chocolate demon” has “been gnawing at me for decades.

In an effort to “right this wrong,” the actor relayed his recent return to the 7-11, where he purchased every Snickers bar in the store and paid for other customer’s purchases.

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The Rock incurred a $445 bill for the revisit — pocket change for an actor worth $800 million —  but said he appreciated the opportunity to “add a little redeeming grace note to that [shoplifting] situation.” He continued: “I’ve exercised a few big demons over the years, so I know this one seems very silly, but every time I come back home to Hawaii and drive by 7-11, I always knew I needed to go in and clean out every Snickers bar”. 

The actor, who this year made his DC debut in Black Adam, moved close by to the Hawaii 7-11 store as a teenager, before he and his family were evicted after being unable to pay their rent. The Rock explained how he got away with the year-long shoplifting efforts, revealing that the store clerk would “just turn her head and never bust me.” Watch The Rock’s full recount below. 


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In May, it was reported that The Rock would be replacing Will Smith in the live-action sequel to Aladdin. Smith, who starred in the first instalment as Genie in 2019, was reportedly removed from the sequel following the Oscars slap between himself and Chris Rock. It was said to be one of many Smith-starring projects to be paused or cancelled following the incident.  

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