Listen to Kauri’s stirring debut album ‘Full Circle’

Kauri pens his origin story on ‘Full Circle’, a sprawling debut album arriving on the cusp of the busker’s inevitable ascent. 

Kauri has today (May 17) released his debut album ‘Full Circle’. The project sees the Gumbainggir nation man mark his arrival while refining his sound as a percussive guitarist, with beats that sound as though they’re playing through him.

A self-taught musician who has lived in Bellingen for the last 12 years, Kauri’s signature on ‘Full Circle’ remains his rhythmic curling finger tapping, which punctuates many of the album’s standout tracks. 

Kauri album 'Full Circle'
Credit: Illuminating Photography

‘Full Circle’ was previewed by lead single ‘Embers’, a stirring, guitar-driven ballad complimented by twinkling piano keys and the infectious rasp of Kauri’s vocals.

The singer’s delivery is a major drawcard of ‘Full Circle’, recalling the raw honesty of Matt Corby while dipping into more diverse sounds.

On ‘Loving You’, Kauri sings alongside jittery, trap-like production with catchy cadences and an earworm hook, all while reflecting nostalgically on romance and the sunshine. 

Elsewhere, on the title track, Kauri ruminates on the passage of time atop pulsating hand percussion and melancholic piano keys.

It’s one of multiple standout moments on ‘Full Circle’, a project arriving on what feels like the cusp of a breakout moment for Kauri.

Such a fully-realised album is perhaps to be expected from Kauri, an avid busker who has long travelled up the east coast with a guitar on his back and amp in his hand.

Elsewhere, he has formed part of the creative collective Little Big Tree, and was a standout participant in the Gumbaynggirr Music Futures Program. Get familiar with Kauri with his enrapturing debut album ‘Full Circle’ below.