Wrap your ears around this latest gem from Kauri, and lose yourself in the beauty that is ‘Embers’

Kauri brings us “Embers,” a beautiful track that effortlessly weaves together vulnerability and strength

Emerging Gumbainggir artist Kauri is poised to light up the music scene with an eagerly anticipated album slated for release this year. In a taste of whats to come, his latest drop “Embers” intertwines narratives of cultural heritage and personal odysseys to perfection.

Hailing from Tingha, NSW, Kauri’s self-taught musical genius is manifested through his distinctive percussive guitar style, a rhythmic tapestry crafted from his unique finger-tapping technique.

Beyond being a musician, Kauri stands as a cornerstone of his community, long gifting Mid North Coast audiences with his soul-stirring performances.

A seasoned busker, he traverses the open road with his guitar slung across his back and amp in hand, his music resonating through the urban thoroughfares.

Kauri’s artistic expedition transcends solo acts. As a co-founder of the musical collective Little Big Tree, he actively engages in initiatives like Saltwater Freshwater Made Deadly and Gumbaynggirr Music Futures, refining his songwriting and recording skills alongside industry professionals.

His latest single, “Embers,” serves as a stunning testament to his artistry, the track unveils his captivating vocals—a mesmerising fusion of vulnerability and strength.

Keep a watchful eye on Kauri; he stands as a burgeoning artist prepared to kindle the music scene with his distinctive blend of sonic storytelling.

Immerse yourself in “Embers” by clicking above, and be sure to check out his mini Youtube concert from 2022 here.