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Kendl soars to new heights with his latest single Ella

Kendl is the nom-de-plume of Melbourne-based artist and composer Jesse Kendal, whose transcendent single Ella has allowed the musician to eclipse his old self to pave way for the new.

Photo credit: Serge Osipov

Melbourne-based electronic artist Kendl has reached new crescendos with his latest single Ella, the first track from his forthcoming A & B-side release.

Ella follows the release of Kendl’s debut EP Colours back in 2017. With over a million streams and features on the likes of Magnetic Magazine, Huffington Post and Earmilk, Kendl began to soar to new heights, reaching both literal and musical crescendos.

His previous singles saw his name alongside international music stars on Spotify’s Top 50 Viral Hits in Canada and the USA. He reached #4 on the iTunes digital charts across all genres in Sweden and Finland with his single For Her. His Colours EP rose to #3 on the iTunes digital charts in Israel, too.

It’s not only his songs that have travelled to new destinations worldwide. The musician himself travelled extensively to some of the furthest corners of the world to get inspiration for his latest single Ella. 

“Travelling through Sri Lanka, Indonesia and East Africa over the past year inspired me to write ‘Ella’. The connections I formed with people from different cultures, environments and backgrounds was a good change of perspective and gave me a lot to write about.

It’s hard for me to put into words where exactly the music I write comes from. I know it comes from a place deep within me, somewhere the ego keeps telling me to stay away from. I’ve found that’s usually where the best stuff is, the real you. It’s what I’ve spent the best part of a year tapping in to and where my new music comes from.”

Check out the clip below:

Kendl has furthered his reputation as a musical tour-de-force with Ella. The composer’s obsession with sound design and the collaging of sound fragments is something that gives his music an emotional edge, not too often found in electronic music. Kendl’s use of organic and electronic instrumentation is inspired by the sounds of UK Garage, Minimal Techno and Ambient Electronica, but his introspection has allowed his music to surpass conventional limits.

From start to finish, Ella reaches crescendos with delicate intricacies and roaring synths, a few of the many attributes that have defined Kendl’s brand of emotive electronic music.

Ella is the first of two singles from Kendl’s A & B side release Ella / Manyara.