You'll be unable to resist dancing to DUAL's new single On Your Own

PREMIERE: You’ll be unable to resist dancing to DUAL’s new single On Your Own

If you can’t imagine what psych-dance with a twist of punk sounds like, you need to hear the latest track from DUAL.

DUAL Green Eyed
Photo: DUAL

Conceived in the New Zealand wilderness, psych-dance duo DUAL bring us confidence in audio form with their latest single On Your Own.

Right from the very first second, DUAL demand your attention with a driving drum beat and punchy vocals that make it impossible not to move. On Your Own is cheeky, fun, and poppy in all the right ways. The chorus feels like a party on a wild planet.

The NZ boys take elements of dream pop, punk, psychedelia and dance and shake them up into a sound uniquely their own. The quirky synths create an atmosphere that truly feels like you’re somewhere else, and those tasty surprise chord changes give the good kind of chills!

DUAL are taking NZ stages by storm, boasting sold-out support slots for Future Classic’s Fortunes and World Champion, and performing at the Red Bull Sound Select Showcase. Having performed together for years, there is a quiet confidence to their performance that we can’t wait to see come to Australia!

If you need an energy boost or an addition to your morning feel good playlist, be sure to check out this banger out above.