Someone tried to smuggle ketamine into the US inside framed photos of Hilary Duff

In a random turn of events, somebody tried smuggling ketamine into the US inside framed pictures our childhood icon, Hilary Duff.

It was just a regular day for the Customs and Border Protection agency in Philadelphia when they seized a parcel that had arrived from the Netherlands into a Philadelphian airport, en route to Connecticut. Upon inspecting the package, officers noticed a white substance that was concealed in the plastic backing of some framed photographs. Said white substance was later revealed to be ketamine.

But in a most strange and bizarre turn of events, the photograph inside the ketamine-concealing-frames was a picture of none other than Hilary Duff. Even more hilariously, it was not a recent image, but a picture that was seemingly taken from her 2005 compilation album, Most Wanted. 

hilary duff, ketamine, drug bust, hilarious

In total there were six frames, which all arrived in separate packages. The weight of the frames, along with the ketamine inside was reported to be whopping 16.4 kg. Authorities have already arrested one man linked to the crime, and The Department of Homeland Security has now begun an investigation.


It remains unclear why this particular icon caught the eye of the ketamine smuggler in question, but what can we say, that’s 2020 for you. Needless to say, kaleidoscopic Hilary Duff glasses should soon hit festivals everywhere.


Whilst you’re here, treat yourself to some vintage Hilary Duff.

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