Kevin Parker says Tame Impala didn’t make any money from playing Coachella

Headlining Coachella should be a win for any musical artist, however, Tame Impala frontman Kevin Parker recently revealed that the band didn’t receive any profit from the gig.

The Australian psychedelic rock band stepped in for Justin Timberlake after his withdrawal from the festival. Tame Impala played an unforgettable show at Coachella and although the band enjoyed themselves, Parker admitted that the gig was expensive and they “had to dive in headfirst”.

Aussie psych-rock band Tame Impala headlined Coachella, but Kevin Parker recently revealed that the band didn’t make any money from the set.

Despite the fact that the gig benefited the band, Kevin Parker told The Times, “(Coachella is) equal parts festival gig and promo. We spent a lot of money, got a creative director, just had to dive in headfirst. I think we pulled it off. Didn’t make any money.”

Parker went on to praise his favourite festival, Glastonbury. He touched on the diversity of the crowds and referred to the festival as “utopia”. He said, “I’ve never been to a place on Earth where there are more universal good vibes. Even if you’re not wasted.”

“You’re equally likely to see kids walking down the mud path off their heads as you are parents pushing a pram. Everyone is included, and that’s not the case with all festivals.”