Kid Blue chats collabs, inspirations, and his new single ‘Broken Bodies’

Kid Blue’s latest single, Broken Bodies, is an anthem for the ages. We were lucky enough to catch up with the artist to break down the release.

Kid Blue doesn’t hold anything back on his latest single. Sultry and enigmatic, Broken Bodies is a track that will have you pressing repeat from the moment it begins. If you haven’t already wrapped your ears around the single’s nocturnal beats, you’re seriously missing out.

Fresh off the release, we sat down with the artist for a chat about the single, his songwriting, and the artists who inspire his sound.

Kid Blue

HAPPY: Hey KB, what’s happening in your corner?

KB: Been hella busy running around, meeting new people, and getting things ready for the next drop. The past week has gone by like a blur.

HAPPY: Congratulations on Broken Bodies, how does it feel having the track out finally?

KB: A bit of relief, been sitting on it for so long. Nice to just have things rolling ahead again. It’s crazy, we hit 100k streams in 10 days and it ain’t slowing down. To whoever’s been streaming the track, big love to you all.

HAPPY: Getting Wifisfuneral on the track was such a fresh idea. How did this collab come about?

KB: I reached out to a few rappers I follow to feature and they were all keen to hop on the track. I chose Wifisfuneral though. He was so perfect for it, I couldn’t think of anyone else. He and his management are super chill too and I love his sound, was spamming his new album PAIN? when it came out.

HAPPY: Could you walk us through the story behind Broken Bodies? The songwriting, the inspiration, etc…


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KB: I drew a lot from my own life and Taka helped me put that story into a track. We wrote it together in a little studio near Central Station and I think when we were done, we both knew we had something special. We left an open verse and then, a year later, Wifisfuneral came on board to finish the track. It was the cherry and cream on top.

HAPPY: Was there a particular album or artist that you were listening to during this recording?

KB: We listened to so many, lots of sick artists from around the world. The funny thing was that we were listening to some of Wifisfuneral’s stuff from Ethernet and we had no idea we’d end up working with him on the track.

HAPPY: Some artists see music as an escape, others use it to tell stories. What is music for you?

KB: Everything. There is music in the air we breathe and the sights we see, what we feel and touch and sense, music is everywhere to be found… that’s what I think anyway.

HAPPY: How did your musical journey begin?

KB: It started when I was a kid, writing poetry in a little notebook sitting in a little room with the lights turned off and a flashlight on. Moved to beat-boxing. Then I did some singing and rapping in a corner by myself at recess. Now I’m here.

HAPPY: Who are some artists who have majorly inspired your music?

KB: We’re gonna need another article for that one. I can list a few hundred but just a few would be XXXTENTACION, A Tribe Called Quest, 6LACK, Juice WRLD, you got the A$AP MOB, Nas, MF Doom, Travis Scott. I really can go all day with this one but not everybody got all day.

HAPPY: You’ve got a few singles under your belt now. Are these a taster of something larger to come? An album or EP perhaps…

KB: Don’t want to ruin the surprise y’know? The drop will come when the drop will come. But something’s dropping that’s for sure.

HAPPY: Thanks so much for the chat!

KB: Thanks for having me. And kudos to the readers who took a moment out of their day to learn more about me.

Check out Broken Bodies here