King Crimson’s full discography is finally available for streaming

The full catalogue of the legendary prog-rock group King Crimson has finally been made available for online streaming. All thirteen of their albums—from 1969’s In the Court of the Crimson King through 2003’s The Power to Believe—have been uploaded to Apple Music.

Having long stood against streaming platforms, the band have finally changed their tune as they celebrate their 50th anniversary.

Each of King Crimson’s thirteen albums—from In the Court of the Crimson King to The Power to Believe—are finally available to stream online.

Although their discography is currently only available on Apple Music, it is expected to land on Spotify and other major streaming platforms on June 10th.

The reason we’ve been slow on Spotify is that, unlike apparently the whole of the rest of the industry that’s been telling us that physical is dead, we’ve had rising physical sales for probably the last 10 years. But that argument was valid for a while, and it isn’t anymore,” said the band’s manager David Singleton.

In the end, our prime function is to serve the music and make the music available,” added Singleton, “and Spotify has now definitely become one of the places that people, particularly younger people, find music.”

Stream In the Court of the Crimson King through Apple Music above.