King Princess new single has Taylor Hawkins on drums King Princess new single has Taylor Hawkins on drums

King Princess new single has Taylor Hawkins on drums

Pop singer-songwriter King Princess has released a new album, ‘Hold on Baby’, that features a surprise collaboration with Taylor Hawkins.

Let us Die is the sweet-sounding catchy new tune that has King Princess spitting her lyrics euphorically as she’s accompanied by the drumming of the late and amazing Foo Fighters drummer, Taylor Hawkins.

King Princess, a.k.a Mikaela Straus, disclosed that the single was co-written by Ethan Gruska, (who often collaborates with Phoebe Bridges) and well-known producer Mark Ronson. Straus revealed recently in a Rolling Stones cover story that this new track feels like their “big-girl song” as it amplifies that 90s metal intensity.

King Princess performing
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Straus partner and creative producer, Quinn Wilson, directed the music video that accompanies the single. In the clip, Straus has checked into a hospital due to having a broken heart. The surgery goes haywire, and Straus fails to survive and rebirths into a rock star angel that shreds guitar. I’m sure Taylor Hawkins would love to have seen that alongside the sounds of his drums.

Adding to the release of the single, Straus went to Instagram to express her admiration for Taylor’s contribution to the song.


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In the post she writes about how excited she was that Taylor was collaborating with her. “Mark [Ronson] suggested that Taylor should play on ‘Let Us Die,’ and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Taylor wasn’t only down to play on the song, but he was also the most encouraging and wonderful presence during that session. I started sobbing at one point and Mark couldn’t stop smiling. I have never felt so lucky. Taylor made this song what it is, and I can’t wait for you to hear it.” How beautiful F

Check out the music video below and listen out for Taylor’s powerful drumming.