Evie Joy brings life to a broken heart on ‘Whole’

Evie Joy has set out on a mission to create so much more than just music on her new single, Whole.

Her haunting new single sees the artist carefully apply layers of poetry with music and visual imagery, creating a powerful ballad that draws you in and makes you feel weightless despite the track’s thematic heaviness. 

Evie Joy’s new single Whole combines her spine-tingling sound with a thoughtfully curated music video, bringing every purposeful lyric to life.

Whole plays out slowly at first but as the instrumentals build, so too do Joy’s vocals, as well as the depth of every lyric that she delivers. While Whole acts almost like a diary where Joy can share her deepest and most profound feelings, the song is also universally relatable, asking why we can so easily accept the flaws of others, but not our own.

The song’s accompanying music video is powerful and visceral. In the clip we see the past selves of Evie Joy laying in three different coffins. The Evie Joy in the first coffin has a prom dress and a hairbrush; in the second, a red cocktail dress and electric guitar; in the third, a wedding dress and a clock – loss of naïveté, loss of sanity, and loss of time, respectively. What stands out immediately is the dark and somewhat gothic imagery that Joy conjures, which is a stark contrast to the singer’s angelic vocals. At the beginning of the video we see her bury her own heart in the ground but later, she puts her heart back in, stitches the hole in her chest. With this vivid imagery, Evie Joy so perfectly represents her discovery of self-worth, love, and fulfilment, rather than a need to feel the love from others. 

Speaking about the meaning of the empathic new track Evie Joy says: 

“Everyone has these different personas around different people. It’s about finding who you really are; realizing that it’s just you, and your breath, and right now, and you are totally enough the way you are.”

Watch the chilling video for Whole below and be sure to check out more of Evie Joy’s incredible work.