King Tide create rock steady reggae anthem ‘It’s a Lock Down’ as the antidote for iso

Sydney rock steady reggae group, King Tide, release a song for the music masses, It’s a Lock Down, a swirly tune about cancelled gigs and ghost towns.

King Tide, the band for the people, have used Sydney’s 3 months (and counting) lockdown as a silver lining to create their latest tune.

It’s a Lock Down, ignites the sound waves with its delightfully golden tune and equally whacky visuals of King Tide wandering through Sydney’s empty inner west – this is one to show the kids when they ask about what happened in 2021.

King Tide

The tune kicks off with the lyrics uttered by every musician in Sydney; “all my gigs are cancelled”, but what has been a completely depressing reality for so many creatives, was King Tide’s lightbulb moment to put together their first release in three years.

The track wraps around you like a blanket, as the vocals and golden tune shine a humorous light on the ghost town of Sydney, oh, and the exploding choppers of course.

Ironically the tune was mixed by vocalist Paul Snatch while he actually had COVID. Everything about the release oozes with a humorously raw level of honesty that makes King Tide a magnet for (as put in their music video); “The Happy Sufferer”. 

As King Tide, draped in a hazmat suit, wander through the lonely live music venues; The Factory Theatre, Enmore Theatre and Lazybones Lounge– the hard-hitting echo of a lost time wafts through the air. The roads, greeted only by bikes carrying food deliveries whilst we are bunked inside leaves us with nothing left to do but boogie to the antidote that is, It’s a Lock Down. 

“It’s the band’s first release in a long time” King Tide recalls. “You could say it took a lockdown and a pandemic to get us off of our collective arse”. We should almost be glad to be in lockdown if it meant birthing this tune… almost.

Check out King Tide’s, It’s a Lock Down below: