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KIT Plugins release Smash: simple controls, complex sound

Newcomers KIT Plugins has a new offering for you, Smash. Inspired by analog amplifier circuits, It brings saturation and character to your music.

When one knob — or three — does it all. Nashville-based company KIT Plugins has dropped a brand new, creatively simple, elegant plugin called Smash. As clean and simple as it looks, it’s not as simple as it seems. Smash has a lot of backend processing going on with a combo of compressors and saturators packed into one main control.

Smash is one of those plugins that doesn’t need much explaining. Part of the category of ‘put-it-on-and-turn-the-dials’. With just five controls it’s bound to do something unexpected to your sound, and you will never know what it’s doing. Mix with your ears, not eyes, they say.

smash plugin

As mentioned, Smash has just three controls and two buttons — Power, Lo-Fi, Mix, Hi-Cut and the main control, which I believe is called the Smash knob. While you can guess what the Power, Mix and Hi-Cut controls do, the Lo-Fi function adds a classic lo-fi filter with 12dB per octave slopes at 550Hz to 7kHz while the main control in the middle drives your sound harder with more of each stage as you turn the dial.

Inspired by running through analog circuitry, Smash brings that character to one easy-to-use, and cheap plugin. KIT Plugins are no strangers to emulating analog gear with their BB N105 Channel Strip and BB Mo-Q — a recreation of a Neve Channel from an 8078 and a Motown EQ, respectively. We made an Engineering the Sound video on these plugins that are part of their Blackbird Products, watch it below:

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For more info on Smash and their other plugins head over to Kitplugins.com