Kita Alexander Takes Us on a Dreamy Ride with ‘7 Minutes in Heaven

Get ready to be swept away by the ethereal sounds of Kita Alexander as she unveils her latest single, ‘7 Minutes in Heaven.’

Kita Alexander, the rising star in the music scene, is back with a dreamy and introspective pop single titled “7 Minutes in Heaven.” Although she has yet to release her debut album, Kita has already garnered significant success with her recent sold-out headlining shows.

To add to her achievements, Kita recently collaborated with Fisher at Coachella, where she delivered an additional second verse of the song within two weeks. Fisher dropped the track into his set, creating an explosive grand finale. It’s heartwarming to see Kita’s reaction as she kicks back and watches the live stream just like the rest of us. Check out Kita’s Instagram reel for a glimpse of this adorable moment.

kita alexander

Fresh off her sold-out debut headline tour across the country, Kita Alexander treats her fans to “7 Minutes in Heaven,” a mesmerizing single that exudes nostalgia.

It brings to mind coastal drives, the radio playing in the background, and the carefree vibes of summer. This beautiful and stunning track sets the perfect mood for her highly anticipated forthcoming album. If there’s one song that encapsulates the overall vibe of the album, it’s undoubtedly this one.

When asked about the single, Kita shares, “‘7 Minutes in Heaven’ is the song that aesthetically and sonically captures the essence of my upcoming album. This song is like a trusted companion and my best friend.”

She continues, revealing the creative process behind the song: “While sitting down with my co-writers Thom and Andy, we started with the chorus. I sang the hook, ‘Just let it go,’ and Thom continued singing the melody after it. I began imagining what I wanted to let go of, and it hit me. I wanted to shed all the boundaries we impose on ourselves. These constraints, driven by fear or the need for control and safety, hold us back from truly enjoying life. ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’ is like a heartfelt letter from my best friend, my inner voice, urging me to loosen up and have fun. It’s a personal pep talk, reminding me to embrace each moment as if it were my last.”

Accompanying the single is a charming, low-fi visual that chronicles Kita and her husband Owen in their hometown of Byron Bay. The video serves as a visual representation of the track’s sentiment, further enhancing the overall experience for listeners.

Kita Alexander’s “7 Minutes in Heaven” is a captivating musical journey that transports listeners to a place of reflection and joy. With her forthcoming album on the horizon, fans eagerly await the full immersion into Kita’s enchanting world.

Stay tuned for more ethereal tunes and be sure to check out the music video to witness the magic of Kita and Owen’s connection in picturesque Byron Bay.