køhvt reflects on lost love with chill inducing Hate The Goosebumps

The first single from her soon to be released debut EP, Hate The Goosebumps introduces the vulnerable pop powerhouse that is køhvt

An exploration of the inconsistencies of healing, particularly from a punctured heart, Hate The Goosebumps holds a relatable yet specific narrative.

køhvt captures her own experiences gracefully, before erupting with an unforgettable chorus of regret.

køhvt new release review

With a smooth yet powerful tone, køhvt presents herself as one hell of a vocalist and pop songwriter.

Produced and mixed by Devesh Dayal (AKA Dayce) and mastered by Josh Woods, Hate The Goosebumps is a polished triumph.

A mix of traditional pop elements and EDM, the single is arresting from the outset.

Whether drawn in by køhvt’s delicate tone as she muses over her past lover or caught in a chokehold by the emphatic chorus, Hate The Goosebumps refuses to be ignored.

At once devastating and illuminating, there is both a strength and a surrender to køhvt’s first single.

Reminiscent of electro-pop duo Purity Ring, Hate The Goosebumps builds a steady flow of drama and anticipation.


køhvt’s presence is inviting, welcoming. In the midst of her emotional journey she opens the door, asking for us to join her.

“Fuck the fireworks for making me believe that we were meant to be,” a powerful reflection with a layered attitude, køhvt is undeniable each time we’re blessed with a chorus.

Channelling a genre that moves in and out of the spotlight, Hate The Goosebumps avoids clichés and instead uses every trope to its advantage.

This wouldn’t be successful if not for køhvt’s talent and presence as a vocalist.

Ahead of her debut EP Attriage, køhvt sets a tone and a precedent for herself as well as an expectation.

It’s exciting to hear someone nailing a genre that so few manage to make their own.

Hate The Goosebumps is a glowing introduction, one that seduces and moves.

køhvt seems fiercely in her element, and there is nothing more alluring than an artist that knows themselves.

Listen to køhvt below.