Spotted in the MCU: a nod to the Volca Keys

Are you a fan of analog synths and the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Well, both your worlds have just collided.

Two days ago, Marvel dropped the trailer for their latest TV series Loki, which is part of the Thor franchise. And if you fast-forward to 0:33 in the video you might see something familiar.

Yep. It’s the KORG Volca Keys.

In the trailer, Loki is dropped into a mysterious room and in the left-hand corner, you can very clearly see the 27-key analog synth propped up on a table. So why does this synth have a cameo in the MCU? Well, it’s an incredibly powerful and compact synth that has three note polyphony and is paraphonic, while also being compact, battery-powered and very reasonably priced.

Plus, it looks good on a desk.

volca keys

Volca Keys dropped all the way back in 2013. It is housed in a translucent plastic case, so you can see the inner workings and LEDs flashing as you work. This gives it a wonderful sci-fi aesthetic, which makes it look quite at home in the Marvel setting.

Fans have already jumped to social media to gush over the discovery. One fan even reimagined the Loki ident on the Korg Volca Keys and posted it to Twitter.

Other fans have noticed the use of KORG synths in previous Thor films as well. Is this a motif we are sensing? Perhaps a character arc where Thor and Loki collab on a piece of music? We will keep you in the loop.

Check out the trailer below.