KITA celebrates and accepts ‘Private Lives’ with their new single

The three-piece New Zealand trio, KITA bring forth their new vintage rock track that confronts listeners to look beyond the surface.

The exhilarating New Zealand band, KITA burst open with their fresh single and music video, Private Lives ahead of their self-titled album set for release in May.

The track, written in the midst of lockdown, opens the door to strangers’ private lives and the stories that go untold in the light of day.


Accompanied with the seductively soulful tune is the enlightening music video that humbly moves an audience to push beyond what they hear, and what they see. Nikita 雅涵 Tu- Bryant, Ed Zuccollo and Rick Cranson have an undeniable talent for nurturing a deeply moving topic with a soft blanket of jazzy synths and rhythmic drums.

The track feels almost nostalgic whilst Nikita 雅涵 Tu- Bryant melodically echoes “you wouldn’t know what goes through those doors, you wouldn’t know,” and the vintage rock rhythm plays to individuals robotically motioning through everyday tasks.

“And strength he must regain to look life straight in the eye” Nikita 雅涵 Tu- Bryant sings.


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What is most moving about the track is that the music video is filmed with the simplicity of the central character living his day-to-day life, reading his daughter a book, walking to work, all before he reveals his true self behind closed doors – crowned with makeup and sequins.

KITA rings a reminder in the listener’s ear to have empathy and kindness as the artist reminisces that she was “standing from my kitchen window during lockdown in Aotearoa, sinister thoughts entered my mind about what could be happening behind closed doors for people.”


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It is clear that KITA has harnessed their years of individual talent to create a timeless piece of work with a clear societal voice. From the smooth, honey-like vocals to the dreamy guitar riff and rapid drum beat, KITA has put themselves on the skin-prickling music map with no signs of slowing down.

Check out Private Lives below: