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Krispy & The Pooch’s new video for Market is a slice of catchy electro funk

New Zealand born duo Krispy & The Pooch have shared a tasty video for their super tasty debut EP Something Strange For Change.

Market is a hypnotic blend of techno beats and synth lines. The clip is just as smooth and highlights the pair’s twin-like connection and a new home in Berlin.

Krispy & The Pooch deliver on a groovy new clip for Market, an electro earworm so catchy we can guarantee it will never leave your brain.

Originating in NZ, the experimental techno-funk duo made the fateful decision to move to Berlin and explore their musical capabilities. After just two months the duo crafted their expansive debut EP Something Strange For Change, highlighting a wide range of talents and tastes, cast against the backdrop of the distinctly modern sound of Berlin’s hypnotic dance. The rest of the EP includes influences from early Red Hot Chili Peppers and smooth Jordan Rakei funk, it’s got a little something for everyone.

The closing track Market comes in nice and smooth casting visions of Mildlife’s Magnificent Moon as the bass and synth lines swirl into a masterful hypnosis. While lyrically sparse compared the rest of the EP, its explodes with an eruption of energy enlisting elements of funk and jazz that the rest of the songs share. It’s completely entrancing and undeniably catchy.

Check the clip below as the twin like duo groove around the streets and fountains of Berlin.

Due to the digital sonics, it’s a tune that could tear the roof down in a sweaty dungeon club or be privately enjoyed with headphones on in your bed. It’s a sensory feast that becomes more bombastic as it unfolds, curling up like a friendly electro earworm.

If you like what you hear check out the rest of their EP Something Strange For Changeit’s honestly quite different, very well produced and caters to all tastes. A beautiful amalgamation of two of the world’s greatest countries.


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May 29, 2019