Inspiration and infatuation: Kurt from The Brave chats to Devin Luke about his new single You

Last week Brisbane songwriter Devin Luke hit us with You, his sublime first new track of 2018. It’s a labour of love from a man in love, and to be quite honest we’ve fallen a little in love with it too.

To dive a little deeper into the release, Kurt Thompson from The Brave took five with Luke and asked a few choice questions.

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Photo: Kurtogram

Devin Luke’s new single You is a powerful statement of love, and hopefully not the last we’ll hear from the Brisbane songwriter in 2018.

KURT: What inspired you to write the song?

DEVIN: My wife. Falling in love. Life.

KURT: How was the track started? Melody or guitar?

DEVIN: The song started with lyrics. The guitar and melody came together and only took an hour or so. That said, my writing process isn’t really this structured normally.

KURT: How do you come up with the lyric content?

DEVIN: Everything I write is autobiographical in some way. Writing is one of the ways I process. I don’t really have a system for writing lyrics but I do try and write every day.

KURT: Did you have a picture of what sound you wanted before final tracking?

DEVIN: Yeah. Honestly, I was thinking a lot about Damien Rice’s O album when I was recording this. I find myself drawn to music that is raw and emotional. Like someone has let you in to see a part of themselves you wouldn’t normally get to see. I also love a good crescendo.

KURT: The bridge is amazing, it hits at the right time and really takes me to a happy place. Was it emotional singing this part, did it just fit, or did you place it in the song later?

DEVIN: Thanks man. Yeah. Like I said, I am fond of a good crescendo. When I wrote it, the bridge kind of dipped and was really stripped back but Sam (Cromack) suggested we do something else. I remember trying a couple of different ideas. When I sang it like it is now, he was like ‘that’s it!’. We put it down and that was that.

KURT: Are there more releases to come?

DEVIN: There are. I’m working on some new material now. I don’t want to give any dates away at this point but I can say that it won’t be another 5 years ;)


You is out now.