Gorillaz share two new Humility remixes from DJ Koze and Superorganism

Fresh off the release of their new album The Now Now, Gorillaz have shared two new remixes of their track Humility courtesy of DJ Koze and Superorganism.

The original version of the track features jazz guitarist George Benson and Chicago-based House producer Jamie Principle… though these two new versions are complete reworkings.

German producer DJ Koze and London indie-pop band Superorganism have both shared remixes of the Gorillaz’ track Humility.

For the Superorganism version, the band take the original track and infuse it with their signature indie-pop magic, while front-woman Orono Nguchi adds her own vocals to the track.

Accompanying the song is a visual reworking of the original music video, which initially featured Jack Black alongside the Gorillaz’ 2D… but now features a hologram of Nguchi in Black’s place.

On DJ’s Koze’s take, the German producer gives the track a stunning atmospheric reimagining.

Listen to both new remixes above.

Via Pitchfork.