Watch Kurt Vile slay it on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert

Kurt Vile has become the latest member of the NPR Tiny Desk Concert club. Taking his iconic mop of hair to the cramped office space, Vile expertly finger picked his way through three pieces.

The set is a little more chilled than his last visit to Tiny Desk without the energy of good friend Courtney Barnett to bounce off, but no less captivating. Mostly keeping his eyes down, occasionally glancing off to the sides, Vile expertly plucked his way through three songs.

Kurt Vile’s stripped back NPR Tiny Desk Concert reminds us all why we love his relaxed folk-rock stylings.

Bassackwards and Loading Zones from Vile’s seventh solo album, Bottle It In, were performed with electric guitarist Rob Laakso and a drum machine. His final song Peeping Tomboy was stripped right back, with only Vile and his acoustic guitar to bring it to life.

Vile’s ever-chilled tones combined with his intricate acoustic guitar playing lulls you into the kind of chill he seems to effortlessly exude. When he cracks into his fully acoustic Peeping Tom, his dulcet tones wash over you like warm sun on a cool day.

The 15-minute set is the perfect antidote to a stressful day… if you need someone to sing you to sleep, Kurt Vile is your man. You can catch the full video below.

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