Kyle MacLachlan (aka Agent Dale Cooper) is hosting a Twin Peaks viewing party

Kyle MacLachlan (aka Agent Dale Cooper) is hosting a Twin Peaks viewing party

Have you ever wanted to watch an episode of Twin Peaks with the shows very own Agent Cooper? Well, now you can.

Kyle MacLachlan wants to set up a Twin Peaks viewing party so everyone can simultaneously watch the David Lynch classic. What a damn good idea.

Twin Peaks

With everyone in isolation, Kyle MacLachlan wants to watch your favourite Twin Peaks episode in a viewing party to celebrate the shows 30th anniversary.

MacLachlan’s idea coincides with the shows 30th anniversary next week. The show itself first aired on April 8th 1990 and originally ran for 2 seasons. It was renewed in 2017 with a 3rd critically acclaimed series. There have also been longtime rumours of a 4th season of the show. MacLachlan personally said he would be up to doing another season, “I had such a wonderful time on this. And you’re talking about working again with David Lynch, so that’s a no brainer.”

Discussing his viewing party in a recent Twitter post, MacLachlan began by discussing his shaggy haircut, “I’m channelling my inner Beethoven.” He continued by saying, “So listen, I’ve been noticing that some of you have been watching and re-watching, and some discovering for the first time Twin Peaks, and I thought ‘why don’t we set up a time when we can watch your favourite episode together’?”

Choosing a favourite Twin Peaks episode is nearly impossible because they make such a complete whole.

Let Agent Cooper know your favourite episode on Twitter, or start you Twin Peaks journey now. Hot tip, it’s available in full on Stan.