Kylie Jenner takes daughter to Target to make up for 3-minute flight

Kylie Jenner took her daughter and nieces to Target so fans would forget the fact that she used her private jet for a 3-minute flight.

Yes, you read that correctly, records show Kylie Jenner is regularly taking flights between 3 and 5 minutes long and now she’s trying to win back her followers.

While we all know Kylie Jenner is an almost billionaire but does she really have to rub it in everyone’s faces?

Kylie Jenner flight
Credit: Instagram

Kylie Jenner took her daughter Stormi and nieces Chicago and True on a cheeky Target shopping spree and naturally, she documented it on her TikTok to what, seem relatable?

Unfortunately for Kylie, this may not make up for the fact that she was only just recently called out for showing off her and Travis Scott’s matching private jets which she used to avoid a 40-minute drive.

The massive media personality got into some hot water over the weekend for posting a photo of her and Travis’ jets with the caption: “You wanna take mine or yours?”

Obviously, Kylie was immediately flooded with comments pointing out how ridiculous it is to create such a huge carbon footprint while the rest of the world is literally burning thanks to climate change.

One commenter wrote: “But it’s us who must use paper straws.”

Another said: “Girl what am I recycling for”

A Twitter account that tracks the flights of private jets owned by celebrities called @CelebJets showed that Kylie’s flight took all of about 12 minutes and that her jet is often used for trips as short as 35-minutes. Guess this girly just doesn’t have time to sit in a car for an hour, she’s gotta take pictures putting on lipstick.

Bringing it back to Target, the place where dreams really do come true, Kylie uploaded the arguably adorable video of her girlies getting some goodies and sure, it’s super cute but, I’m not sure if it’s relatable enough to make people forget about zooming around in a private jet to avoid sitting in traffic.

@kyliejennersurprise target trip with my girls

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One person very quickly commented on the video saying: “Did u take the private jet here too?”

Judging by how amazed the kids were, this may have been their first time in the gorgeously middle-class store. 

Love to see the ‘normal life’ simulator working.