The music industry could receive a $28 million boost if Labor wins the next election

In the wake of yet another venue closure with World Bar shutting its doors last week, the Australian Labor Party has recognised that live music in NSW is at crisis point and have pledged $28 million to the industry if they’re successful in the election next year.

The policy will be announced by Labor’s shadow arts minister Tony Burke and comes just after a state parliamentary committee found that live music in Australia’s most densely populated state was in crisis. The report also recommended that the NSW state government alone pledge at least $35 million to the industry in the coming years.

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Photo: Dani Hansen

The Australian Labor Party have pledged $28 million to bring the NSW music industry back from the grave if they are successful at the federal election next year.

The money seems to be divvied up wisely; $10 million will be set aside for reforming already existing administrative bodies, including music exports body Sounds Australia; $5 million going towards schools, community centres and government bodies to support soundproof venues that would allow musicians the freedom to rehearse without impinging on community and neighbourhood peace.

A total of $7.6 million would be set aside for youth music programs, including the APRA-run Songmakers program.

Labor also plans to allocate $4.2 million to two charities working to enhance mental health accessibility for musicians; Nordoff Robins, which provides music therapy services, and Support Act, which helps musicians financially in times of hardship.

Labor has promised more announcements to come in the lead up to the next election, but as of yet, there’s no sign they’re going to do anything about Sydney’s archaic lockout laws. Perhaps a success for the ALP in the next election will do wonders for bringing Sydney back to life. We can only hope.

Via The Guardian.