Late Night Orchestra Reimagines Portishead’s ‘Dummy’ with Aussie all star dream team

Clea, Jaguar Jonze, Ngaiire, and Ben Woolner, backed by a 12-piece ensemble are gearing up to pay homage to Portishead’s iconic album ‘Dummy’

Australia’s Late Night Orchestra is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Portishead’s landmark album “Dummy” in style.

Their special show, “The Portishead Legacy,” promises a fresh take on the iconic record, reimagining its tracks with a full orchestral treatment.


The Late Night Orchestra is renowned for curating performances featuring the country’s top musicians and vocalists.

For “The Portishead Legacy,” they’ve assembled a dream team: Clea, Jaguar Jonze, Ngaiire, and Ben Woolner (Safia) will lend their talents, backed by a powerful 12-piece ensemble that includes strings, brass, and turntables.

This unique combination guarantees a fresh and exciting interpretation of Portishead’s atmospheric soundscapes and Beth Gibbons’ unforgettable vocals.

The show goes beyond a straight orchestral rendition. The Late Night Orchestra plans to weave in surprises, paying homage to artists influenced by Portishead’s trip-hop legacy. Expect hints of Massive Attack, Tricky, or Morcheeba alongside the reimagined Portishead classics.

“The Portishead Legacy” is a can’t-miss event for any fan of trip-hop or “Dummy” in particular. It’s a chance to experience these timeless songs in a whole new light, showcasing the enduring power of Portishead’s music.

Tour Dates:

  • June 28 – Freo Social, Perth
  • June 29 – Metro Theatre, Sydney
  • July 5 – Princess Theatre, Brisbane
  • July 6 – Melbourne Recital Centre, Melbourne (Sold Out)

Tickets here.