‘Later Daters’: the game about getting down and dirty in the retirement home

Fun fact: old people are the horniest god damn motherfuckers (literally) out there. It turns out that Yaya and Pappoús, everyone’s favourite addition to the Christmas table, aren’t just snacks, but full meals, at the retirement home.

Later Daters is a visual novel/dating sim that puts you right into the middle of a smorgasbord of elder D and V. It requires frank discussions about monogamy, desires, and needs from your fellow retirees, doing nothing more than exercising your governmental right to bang. It also boasts a delightful art style to pleasure your eyes.

The game itself offers you the opportunity to fully customise your octogenarian horndog self. You can be exactly you, but older, or go deep into a role play fantasy.

Later Daters Dog Image

Later Daters puts emphasis on love in all of its forms; you can date whoever you please. Any dating configuration you dream of is possible with the eight residents you encounter.

It’s kind of awesome seeing the commitment to getting under the sheets in a way we aren’t often privy to. While it’s not ideal to dwell deep on, it’s a little sad that as society we cordon off the elderly as these sexless, boring, old farts. While that’s definitely the case for some, it’s refreshing to be reminded that we’re lying to ourselves about how, one day, we’ll be old too. I sure as hell hope I’ll be letting my freak flag fly like the residents of Ye OLDE retirement home do.

Later Daters also lets you keep pets if you’re not too keen on GDILF/GILF action. Grab it on the Nintendo Switch today.