Lazerlips turn up the staticky grunge on ‘Bloody Mary’

Lazerlips offer up a particularly exciting brand of grunge: carefully considered, but still abrasive and free-flowing.

When Lazerlips first caught my eye, I was a tad sceptical – grunge is still kicking in 2022? But then, I started listening. The relentless riffage, the rhythmic dexterity, the exciting arrangement. This project wasn’t just some lads sinking tinnies and strumming power chords.

This was a band that seriously cared about their sound and audience appeal. Their recent single, Bloody Mary, is their most convincing track yet.


But first, a little history. Lazerlips formed in 2018, cooking up their tunes from Melbourne and Geelong Australia. In that period, the power trio has dropped two EPs and a slew of new singles. According to frontman Luke, this latest output dishes out “more hooks, beats, melodies, and riffs than ever before”. He’s not wrong.

Bloody Mary kicks off with a distorted riff, accompanied by some surf-rock inspired chords. Meanwhile, the drums pulse along with energy, dropping in and out for dramatic effect.

The multiple rhythm switch-ups sound effortless, but it’s clear that the arrangement has been given ample attention. “The song was not crafted overnight and took some time to settle on the right arrangement/instrumentation” Luke comments.


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The lyrics are just as thought out, delivered in idiosyncratic passion, telling an intriguing tale of “a supernatural detective tasked with dealing with new sightings of an undead/wicked spirit named Bloody Mary”. Luke howls in cut-throat desperation – “say goodbye and leave this life!!” If Lazerlips continue to deliver such inspired head-bops, they’ll be making headlines in no time. Especially with their absolutely ripping guitar solos. Buckle up.

Also, Melbourne-siders! Here’s an opportunity for you: Lazerlips, (in their current state) are after a new drummer/bassist.

So if you consider yourself a bit of an alt-rock savage, reach out here.

Listen to Bloody Mary below: