Jess Spahr finds her feet on heartfelt, chamber-pop single ‘Solid Ground’

On Solid Ground, multi-instrumentalist Jess Spahr transforms outside negativity into a message of resilience and hope.

Jess Spahr’s journey into the world of music begun when she picked up a violin at the age of six. The piano was next, leading the blooming artist to Eisteddfod victories and recognition in Sydney.

Flash forward, and Spahr has dropped two EPs, received spins on Triple J, and is currently working on her debut album. We’ve heard the melancholic Groundhog Day, but now, she’s flipped the coin over. Solid Ground is straight-up optimism for an age that sorely needs it.

Jess Spahr

The track immediately sets the tone with building strings and some emotional context –“taken a few shots to the heart”. Spahr sings in signature crystal clear timbre with an inkling of longing. Then the chorus hits, and the artist sounds more confident than ever before.

Over the bed of strings and gentle drumming, Spahr proclaims newfound control over her emotions and choices.

“Your constant voice is only yours to hear”, she resides later, letting the toxic people in her life know that they are an influence no more. Liberating stuff.


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“The lyrical inspiration for this song was about experiencing negativity from others, but how you work through those particular issues and realise that their negativity isn’t yours”, Spahr shared with us. “Your choices are your own and no one can make you feel guilty for them!” Some sound advice indeed, from an artist with plenty more up her sleeve.

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In the meantime, listen to Solid Ground below: