Liam Gallagher says Oasis ‘piss all over The Beatles’ in Twitter spat

Liam Gallagher was being Liam Gallagher during the final round of the Premier League over the weekend, starting up a Twitter feud with British commentator Jamie Carragher.

These days, Liam Gallagher is probably more famous for his Twitter account than he is for his music, and the former Oasis frontman proved why once again, dropping some hilarious tweets as the English Premier League wrapped up on Monday morning.

Gallagher is famously an avid Manchester City supporter, so when his team overcame a 2 goal deficit to win the title, you best believe he was having a field day.

Manchester City Gundogan
Credit: Manchester City via Getty Images

That field day was mostly at the expense of football commentator and former Liverpool player Jamie Carragher, because Manchester City winning meant that Liverpool missed out on being Premier League champions by the slimmest of margins.

After Gallagher’s beloved City scored their third goal to edge in front of Aston Villa, the musician tweeted Carragher, “What you saying carra you (bell) end”.

To which the former Liverpool defender replied “I’m saying you’ll never win the Champions league & Oasis are shite compared to the Beatles. That work??” Is that not the most British thing you’ve ever heard?

As you’d expect, Gallagher wasn’t having a bar of it, hitting Carra back by letting him know he has “shit banter for a scouser,” joking that Oasis “piss all over the Beatles” because they played Knebworth more than the Liverpool four-piece.

Luckily the former Oasis frontman somewhat controlled himself during the exchange, considering he recently crossed the line during a Champions League match against Atletico Madrid.

Atletico player Stefan Savic appeared to headbutt Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling, which Gallagher obviously wasn’t a fan of, tweeting: “Stefan Savic this is a threat if I come across you ya goofy looking C**T your dead MCFC.”

He quickly deleted the tweet and apologised, telling fans “I’m really upset and annoyed at myself… I feel I’ve let all my fans down by my outlandish behaviour I’m a role model to GROWN UPS hope you can forgive me.”

Hey, at least he’s showing some signs of accountability.