LISTEN: 3OH!3 & 100 gecs – ‘Lonely Machines’

Iconic emo duo 3OH!3 have returned from the depths of the early naughties to bring us a new track in collaboration with hyper-pop experimental outfit 100 gecs. Recalling the nostalgic aesthetics of pop-punk, 3Oh!3 pay tribute to their fleeting success by appropriating their iconic “beef” lyric a decade on.

Tbh, 3oh!3 radiate 100 gecs energy. That is in the same way that 3OH!3 embodies early naughties teen-hood. You know? Repping shutter shades and asking out your crush on MSN. 100 gecs will probably come to typify Zoomer culture with their TikToks and hilarious meme game.

This new track harks back to the golden days of emo pop-punk, recalling bangers like DONTTRUSTME and My First Kiss.

3OH!3 released their debut album in 2007. Their follow-up, 2008’s Want, was their breakthrough, led by singles like DONTTRUSTME and STARSTRUKK (which was later remixed by a certain Katy Perry).

Be sure to check this one out for a full ’08 nostalgic trip. Catch it below: