Listen to the sounds of every planet in our solar system, as recorded by NASA

Give your next set of samples a celestial twist with NASA’s official recordings of the Sun, Earth, and every other planet in our solar system.

Space is vast beyond comprehension and to many, interesting beyond belief. It has entranced creatives across all fields for many years, from literature to music and of course, science. All hail NASA!

In music specifically, a score of artists have looked to space as inspiration, sometimes for entire bodies of work. Other artists have sampled sounds gathered by NASA or other spacefaring organisations to spice up their compositions – if you’re in that group, we’ve dug up an absolute goldmine.

planet sounds nasa

The recordings are processed from interactions between solar wind and the ionospheres of each planet, then converted to audio. I don’t pretend to understand that process at all, but you can bet I’m all for it.

As a result, we can listen to the deep, booming sounds of our Sun, the almost lonely chimes of Pluto, or the frankly terrifying drone emitted by Saturn and its famous rings.

If you have a favourite planet, check out what they sound like below.

If you want the turbo video covering a snippet of each planet, we’ve got you covered: