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Listen to this 1968 audio of Led Zeppelin’s first ever recorded performance

On December 30th, 1968, three weeks before the release of their self-titled debut album, Led Zeppelin would lay down a gig at the Gonzaga University Gymnasium in Spokane, Washington.

Originally mis-billed as “Led Zefflin,” the band tore through an hour-long set in support of New York band Vanilla Fudge.

Listen to Led Zeppelin completely tear apart a university gymnasium in rare audio of their first ever recorded performance.

The audio was captured thanks to a young student with a good ear, who brought along his tape recorder to the show.

The quality is a bit shaky at times, but good enough to get a feel for the explosive power of the performance.

This is a number off an album that comes out in about three weeks time on the Atlantic label. It’s called Led Zeppelin, and this is a track from the album Led Zeppelin. It’s called Dazed and Confused,” says frontman Robert Plant. 

Check out the full tracklist below, and listen to the audio above.

  1. Train Kept A Rollin’ [0:00]
  2. I Can’t Quit You [2:32]
  3. As Long As I Have You (incl Fresh Garbage / Shake / Hush) [9:15]
  4. Dazed And Confused [17:52]
  5. White Summer [27:43]
  6. How Many More Times (incl The Hunter) [34:31]
  7. Pat’s Delight [50:07]

Head over to the video’s YouTube page for a full transcript of Plant’s between-song banter.

Via Open Culture. 


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May 7, 2018