Logan Skinner reaches a golden, pop dawn on his latest single ‘better’

As the saying goes, it’s always darkest before the dawn. On his latest release, Logan Skinner traces a journey from pain to hope, arriving bruised and broken, but alive.

On his latest single, Logan Skinner has emerged from the storm; drenched, battered, but basking in warm sunlight. better is a song for the warriors, those who have experienced the unimaginable but can still see a glimmer of hope peeking through the ashes.

Where TRAPPED boasted dark beats and even darker moments, Skinner’s latest release shines. It is a celebration of life told from within ruins.

logan skinner better

There is something very soothing about better. Whether it is the unexpected overlays of flute, the track’s lush, synth walls, or the sporadic bass swells, it is the type of song that ushers you in. Where other affirmations of growth would opt for overwhelming melody to evoke joy, Skinner refrains; making for a much more organic, natural reflection.

It’s what he does best, translating moments through sound with remarkable authenticity. Each of his songs feels as personal as if you had written it yourself. It’s the mark of a true artist, using your talents to make others feel heard but not excluding anyone in the process.

“Logan Skinner’s brand new single ‘better’ is his third single release and will feature on his upcoming EP ‘Reflection’…,” the singer’s bio explains. “‘better’ is celebratory, it’s the metaphorical light at the end of the dark tunnel the artist found himself in when he penned the previous track.”

Released in conjunction with Wear it Purple Day, Skinner is the type of artist who we need more of: one writing songs with purpose. Beautifully honest with no space left to waste, he is telling stories with the potential to bring light into our darkest moments.

Check out the video for better below: