Loon Lake show us how to party in Winona Ryder video

Mid way though their national Final Wave tour, Loon Lake have shared the video for their latest single Winona Ryder.

Low Res

The track features on their last ever album Low Res, which was released late last month. The band are letting fans pay what they want for the album, and are encouraging fans to share it, rip it and copy it, saying “We just want people to hear it. It’s our way of saying thanks to all the fans for such great support.”

On the making of the video, the band explained We shot the clip at a friend’s house in Kensington that we always hang out at. On the day before, some mates and I organised to have some beers together and quickly shoot a clip as the sun was going down. So pretty much it is just exactly that. We stayed up on that roof long into the night after we finished shooting, we stayed up for days!”