Why everyone’s going loopy over ‘Loop Hero’

With retro aesthetics, simple gameplay, and a fantasy plotline done well, check out the latest roguelike to grace the indie gaming market: Loop Hero.

Dropping into our lives a few days ago on March 4th, Devolver Digital – the publisher that brought you Fall Guys and the Shadow Warrior series – have officially released their latest title, Loop Hero.

At first glance, it appears to be a simple deck-building adventure game, but in reality its plot goes far deeper than that. You could say that it goes almost as deep as a black hole.

Loop Hero

The game is already savouring considerable success. Just 24 hours have passed since its launch, and Loop Hero has amassed over 150,000 players.

But what exactly has attracted people to this game?

Loop Hero starts off in typical RPG format by entrusting you with one main quest: to save the lost world from the Lich and eternal darkness. Yet, despite seeming like a clichéd setting, the game entices players with a nice little twist. The protagonist is stuck in a never-ending time loop while journeying towards an ethereal victory.

As a breath of fresh air from the usual repetitive grinder RPG titles, players are able to decide how each new time loop takes place. It’s a nice bonus that lets the game stand out from the rest.

Its retro art and playstyle is also another key component. Visually the game is similar to Spelunky, though its gameplay is anything but. Enemies you battle against will leave behind cards, which you can use to add to pre-existing locations and essentially build your own map.

Alternatively, players can use the cards to boost health points or collect crafting materials, or even to summon creatures for any upcoming fights. Cards are the ultimatum here, a massive childhood throwback to when card games were everywhere.

But in exchange for its classic fantasy elements, the devs have deviated from the normally serious ‘you must save the world’ mindset and atmosphere by spicing up the characters’ dialogue in relatable, quirky ways.

Sometimes it hits a little too close to home, but that just makes the game all the more endearing.

While there have been some comments made by the community on the traditional gameplay as well as the visuals being somewhat difficult to properly navigate, overall Loop Hero is a running contender to become the latest saviour to our quiet evenings in 2021.

Roguelikes have been a hot topic in the gaming community for a while, with many popular titles in recent years categorised under the genre. Basically everyone at this point would have heard about Hades it was an amazing indie roguelike that deservedly won several Game of the Year awards in 2021 including from Gayming, New York Gaming, and more.

Given that Loop Hero has had a pretty spectacular response upon its release, it’s reassuring to know that the game itself is doing justice to the roguelike trend and isn’t going to die anytime soon.

If you want to hype yourself up for a Loop Hero session, check out its launch trailer below:

Loop Hero is currently available on Steam with a 15% discount until March 11th – all the more reason to give the game a go!