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The one where it’s actually happening: ‘Friends’ reunion begins filming next month

It’s been long-awaited, and almost too good to be true, but it is officially confirmed: the Friends reunion will begin filming this April.

As confirmed by David Schwimmer in an interview on Andy Cohen’s SiriusXM radio show, the original cast will be heading to LA to film the much-anticipated Friends reunion “in a little over a month.”

“We figured out a way to film it safely and there’s going to be a portion of it that we film outside… you know, for safety protocols,” he said.

Photo: Chris Haston/ NBC Via Getty Images
Photo: Chris Haston/ NBC Via Getty Images

Production of the reunion was postponed last year after the pandemic shut down Hollywood. The one-off special is due to air on Warner Media’s new streaming service, HBO Max. During the interview, Schwimmer let hardly any spoilers out about the details of the reunion.

When asked about who would be hosting the reunion special, Schwimmer let little slip, confirming that it would not be Ellen Degeneres or Billy Crystal, but not giving much else away.

The Friends special will see the reunion of all original cast members – Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston (Rachel), Courtney Cox (Monica), Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe), Matthew Perry (Chandler), and Matt LeBlanc (Joey). We can only imagine the kind of trouble the reunion will hold, considering the cast and crew have had 17 years apartxx. Surely that’s enough time to cook up some hilarious punch lines. 

Friends was an extremely popular sitcom that aired on NBC in 1994 and ran for ten years. Created and executive produced (with Kevin S. Bright) by Marta Kauffman and David Crane, the show was set in New York but filmed in studios in California. 

The sitcom follows six friends navigating their way through life with each other in their apartments in Manhattan. The show was a cultural phenomenon, known today for the iconic opening scene, Central Perk Cafe, questionable but absolutely iconic ’90s fashion, hilarious one-liners, and let’s not forget Smelly Cat.

With very few details shared about the upcoming Friends reunion, fans have been kept guessing exactly what will happen on the episode. Not many shows can get away with fans waiting 17 years for a reunion, but if anyone can get away with it, it’s the cast of Friends, and we are all excited to see what’s in store.

In the meantime, we’ll watch and sing along to every word of Smelly Cat for the hundredth time.