Tracing the Walls: LORA’s Emotional Journey in ‘Walls’ EP (Track by Track)

Join LORA as she takes you on an evocative ride through love, vulnerability, and self-discovery in ‘walls.’

Step into the emotional and introspective world of LORA as she unveils her latest EP, ‘walls.’ In this heartfelt collection of lo-fi indie pop, LORA fearlessly delves into her innermost thoughts and feelings, crafting a musical journey that resonates with vulnerability and self-discovery.

The EP’s title track, ‘walls,’ serves as the heart and soul of the project, encapsulating LORA’s struggles with vulnerability and emotional openness over the past year. With candour and authenticity, LORA explores the idea of finding home within oneself while welcoming others into that space.


Drawing parallels to artists like Gretta Ray and Birdee, LORA infuses her music with a sweet blend of indie-pop sensibilities. Each track is a soul-stirring revelation of her deepest fears and hopes. ‘string’ lays bare the discomfort of being vulnerable and the fear of rejection, while ‘trace’ grapples with the consequences of keeping low expectations in life to avoid pain.

In ‘drive,’ LORA paints a poignant picture of fearing vulnerability in relationships, drawing inspiration from her own experiences with love and intimacy. ‘fence’ brings to life the overwhelming feelings of falling in love for the first time, while ‘house’ becomes a powerful metaphor for self-acceptance and embracing imperfections.

With her heart on her sleeve and lyrics that cut to the core, LORA’s ‘walls’ EP is a cathartic and touching musical journey. Produced in collaboration with Joe Mason, this collection of tracks is sure to resonate with anyone who has experienced the complexities of love, vulnerability, and finding solace within oneself. Step into LORA’s world, and let the walls come down.

Listen to ‘walls’ and immerse yourself in LORA’s track by track below:


‘string’ is about hiding yourself from others. This song was inspired by my discomfort with being vulnerable and the fear of rejection in all aspects of life. I’ve built walls so high that anyone who tries to get close and intimate with me really has to break me down brick by brick. I don’t give up insecurities easily. (well not usually but that’s what songwriting is for!) This was the first song I wrote for this project and took the idea to Joe Mason who helped produce and write the track with me. 


‘trace’ is a pessimistic track about keeping low expectations in life because sometimes having hope can cause more damage than good. In other words, actively avoiding pain. This was inspired by the fact that I think too realistically sometimes. I feel as though if you don’t get your hopes up your feelings can never be hurt. This has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Not wanting to have birthday parties in case nobody came, not inviting people 

to gigs in case they don’t show up and I’m disappointed. You can’t be hurt if you never put yourself out there. If you never expect anything from anyone you’ll never be let down. This track was also written in London in 2022 with producer and friend Joe Mason and guitarist and friend Flynn Hase Spence. I’m obsessed with the drums in this track, that slight feeling of

uneasiness while listening perfectly portrays the way I feel about letting myself have too many high hopes. 


drive’ is about fearing the vulnerability it takes to let someone in. This song was inspired by my relationship with my now girlfriend and how it took me so long to acknowledge how strongly I felt for her because I was afraid of letting her in, in case she got too close and realised she didn’t like what she would see. It’s about feeling so much for someone and letting them take the wheel even if you might end up with a broken heart. I wrote this song in London with my producer and close friend Joe Mason in May of 2022. This was a song that came together really quickly and immediately became one of my favourites. 


fence’ is about accepting the love you feel for another person for the first time ever and how it can feel extremely overwhelming putting yourself in such a vulnerable situation. ‘fence’ is inspired by my relationship. this song is about falling in love for the first time, the exciting first-time experiences, and the overwhelming feelings I’d never felt before. I accepted the way that I felt and realised I needed to communicate that I’d be there no matter what. that I didn’t expect anything and there was no pressure for what was to come because I had already come to terms with the fact that I was in love. I was willing to tell this person how I felt even if it wasn’t returned, and if it wasn’t, choosing to still support and respect them. also written in London with Mr Joe Mason. 


‘house’ is about coming to terms with who you are. ‘house’ is inspired by the saying, a house is not a home. It’s about how I’m still learning how to accept myself but I know I’m not perfect and I’m ok with that. The old run-down house is used as a metaphor to symbolise the way I view myself and by calling it my home I’ve acknowledged that this is who I am and I accept that and I love it. This was written in London with Joe mason. This track has a sombre but contentful tone.